31 July 2008

PARIS TRIP 08 - nouvelles images

in the city of paris even the postcards have been beautifully illustrated. the most stylish cards in town, created by designers such as atelier lzc, are produced by nouvelles images. although they are available all over paris there is also a dedicated shop at 6 rue dante. apart from postcards they also stock the full range of nouvelles' cards and wall decals.

PARIS TRIP 08 - gilbert joseph

the area where i stayed in paris had lots of bookshops. one of the biggest was gilbert joseph who had a seperate store just for stationary at 26-34, boulevard saint michel. it was here i spotted all the lovely notebooks by robert le heros from their quo vadis range.

PARIS TRIP 08 - gilbert juene

just down the road from gilbert joseph was gilbet juene, who also had a great selection of journals and diaries.

PARIS TRIP 08 - pylones

also today some nathalie lete pieces spotted in pylones at 7 rue tardieu (nr.sacre coeur), they had melamine (above) and magnets, badges and totes. with 6 branches throughout the city its well worth popping into at least one of them.