30 September 2019


Today we have a lovely variety of designs to showcase from UK retailer Wilko. They are all taken from their current range of stationery which features five exclusive collections. Each has a different style and theme and start with 'Sentiments' which has nature inspired prints and a beautiful colour palette.

The next Wilko collection is Stay Magic a mixture of mermaids, holographic rainbows, painterly dashes and brushstrokes and handwritten type.....


Next up is 'Discovery' which has an exotic feel with it's motifs of hand painted paper cut leaves. Perfect for those currently in love with their houseplants.

'Hypernatural' has a South American flavour with llamas, tassles and spiky foliage.

 And finally Wilko have 'Treasured' a collection featuring delicate florals and dusky colours to create a classic country look for those who prefer something more tradtional. You can see all the stationery ranges showcased today online here at Wilko.