12 August 2022

CARDS - "introducing"

I was really pleased to see the new 'Introducing' card range from Tesco. It features a fab selection of cards by various designer, some of which have been regulars on P&P such as Ian Dutton, Megan Carter and Maggie Maggoo. The best thing is the cards have a mini bio on the back and the artists website and Instagram, with a QR code link. It's brilliant to see the artists being promoted so prominently!
The designs are all displayed in a special rack splashed with the artists photographs. Well done Tesco.
I'm starting the 'Introducing' showcase with this happy and bright neon floral by Lucy Hook.

10 August 2022

NEW WORK - jennifer nelson artists

I am so pleased to share new work from the wonderful artists of Jennifer Nelson Artists. Recently, I got a peek of their lovely portfolio featuring a variety of art from florals to Christmas to sweet pups and kittens. Jennifer Nelson Artists, located in Massachusetts, represents 14 fabulous artists from all over the world. Their work can be found on books, podcasts, luggage, greeting cards and more. The pieces I am sharing today are all available for license or purchase. If you are interested in one of these images, or if you would like to see more or commission a new piece, please reach out to Jennifer Nelson Artists. We start with this bright Summery piece (above) from Miriam Bos.