31 January 2022


Today I thought I'd look at fashion prints from UK retailer Next. This in honour of their new collaboration with iconic 60's designer Celia Birtwell. They have revived some classic Celia prints on various dresses, tops, etc. Scroll down to see those spotted in my local store along with other prints that caught my eye.

28 January 2022

FABRICS - lauren lesley for pbs fabrics

Designer Lauren Lesley recently licensed a new fabric collection with PBS Fabrics called 'Belize'. It's based on a jungle trend and is perfect for Spring / Summer projects. It's a bold and beautiful range with deep teal leaves, bold orange tigers and bright pink flowers.

Website / Instagram / PBS Fabrics

FABRICS - solvejg makaretz for joann

Designer Solvejg Makaretz (of Trosko Design) has created a new fabric collection for JoAnn Fabrics in the USA. Solvejg worked on the designs, where the guiding theme was the trend 'Cottage Core',  during the first lockdown. It's easy to see from the prints how Solvejg spent her time during the  pandemic; in the park, watching and walking dogs, biking, baking in the kitchen and growing vegetables:) There are 10 different patterns in the collection and Solvejg was especially excited was that it was marketed with her name on the selvedge, something JoAnn has not done before. The collection is also in good company with six other artists’ ranges also available.

JoAnn / Solvejg Makaretz / Instagram