25 November 2020

ETSY SHOP - karen thaco

Karen Thaco is a freelance designer based in Texas who has a passion for graphics and children's design. Her bright and joyful Etsy shop is packed full of cute designs in her lovely trademark colours such as mint green and pink. There are greetings cards, stickers and postcards for all kinds of occassions. Karen currently has a Christmas/Holiday collection on sale too. .

ETSY SHOP - pablo and pickle

Rosie Maddocks has been a surface pattern designer for many years, but last year she opened an Etsy shop called 'Pablo & Pickle Studio'. She has created bold and contemporary tea towels,greetings cards and wrapping paper including a new Christmas selection which I've showcased here. Rosie's designs are made using a combination of collage and working in illustrator. All items and more can be found in her Etsy Shop here.

24 November 2020

CHRISTMAS 2020 - cath kidston

With Christmas in full swing in the stores and many people choosing to put decorations up early this year it is time for Print & Pattern to get in the swing of things. So here today I've pieced together some of the highlights from the Cath Kidston Christmas collection.Website / Instagram