15 August 2011

SUMMER BREAK - back on sept 1st

VINTAGE - retro villa

retro villa is a beautiful danish website specialising in vintage wallpaper. their wonderful collection of designs are available by the metre for around £11 ($20) or as a whole roll for around £60 ($95). they also decorate vintage wooden type trays with a collage of vintage papers and stock all manner of stylish products for home and children. here are just a few highlights from their amazing collection of stock.

VINTAGE - terry's posters

if you have an interest in poster design or vintage illustration then you will probably enjoy the website terry's posters. this prague based shop has a huge stock of vintage czech film posters from the 1930's to the 1980's. i had a little browse around myself and picked out a few choice pieces.


paperchase is currently focusing on its many and varied 'back to school' collections, such as this cute girls design called 'j pop' . but after the summer break im planning to show you some previews of their fabulous forthcoming autumn designs, including a fantastic retro chef design for kids and illustration fans, and two beautiful scandinavian inspired ranges.

DESIGNER - ella tjader

ella tjader has been a freelancer illustrator for the last 6 years and is currently based in zurich, although she works with clients from all over the world. ella works mainly on advertising commissions, packaging for various products, and book covers. ella says loves all the work which comes her way but her passion lies in surface design inspired by nature, antique botanical prints and fashion. recent jobs include botanical prints for sanctuary spa and gift wrap for butlers chocolate. see more from ella online here.

12 August 2011

KIDS DESIGN - zoo babies

zoo babies is is an independent baby brand based in montreal canada that was founded by vanja kragulj. vanja is a designer and illustrator who created all the zoo babies characters which feature on products such as cards, prints, and onesies. you can find zoo babies online here and on etsy here.