15 September 2017

TEXTILES - snowden flood

Designer Snowden Flood will be launching a new textile collection at the Decorex show in London on Monday. The collection takes Snowden back to her design roots, when she worked as a Textile Specialist in New York for an architect & interior designer in the 1990’s. She was responsible for finding weavers, printers, embroiderers worldwide, to manufacture the custom designs from her own and from sourced antique textiles. The 7 textile designs came about after a chance visit to a historic London textile archive where Snowden selected a few documents as starting points (as she'd done so often in the past!)  Since starting her business in 2006, manufacturing in the UK has been a hugely important aspect of Snowden’s design process so it is no surprise that the fabrics are printed in the north of England.

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Megan said...

These are lovely. They are reminiscent of Lucienne Day (to me).