31 May 2017

KIDS DESIGN - frost & kin

These beautiful geometric prints featuring a king, queen, and an astronaut are by Frost & Kin and each one is created as a hand pulled screen print. The label Frost & Kin is a little company for the young and young at heart created by print maker Tom Frost and artist Teresa Murfin. All of their products are hand printed and sewn in their rural Carmarthenshire home in West Wales. Frost & Kin's aim is to work the handmade way and create designs that can be cherished for many years.

NEW WORK - jessica nielsen

Last week saw the launch of two new pattern collections by Jessica Nielsen. Called 'Blossom' and 'Underwater' the new sets are part of Jessica's pattern catalogue which is updated every two months. Experiment and research are at the basis of Jessica's work. Whether it's a commission for a custom-made design or a new set of patterns for her own catalogue collection, each project originates in her'atelier'. It's where shapes are researched, colour-combinations tested, where patterns are clashed. All these explorations lead to the final result: Unique, powerful patterns that undeniably reflect Jessica's love for nature.

SUMMER 2017 - sainsbury's home

Printmakers is a new collection of from Sainsbury's High Summer 2017 home and lifestyle collection. It is one of the five trends and themes that have been created in house. Printmakers features painterly colour blocks and geometric prints where navy blue is mixed with turquoise and grey with pops of yellow. The designs feature on cushions, bedding, towels, picnicware etc. and also in the mix is a floral design and stripe which features on melamine. Printmakers is in stores and online from June 1st.

30 May 2017

DESIGNER - mel armstrong

Today I wanted to introduce two more designers who have joined the P&P Directory. The first is Mel Armstrong a freelance pattern designer and illustrator from Australia. Mel is based in a creative hub in New South Wales and works internationally with clients such as American Greetings and Target. Mel works both traditionally and digitally and her designs have featured on everything from on greeting cards to shoes. She loves creating designs for children and babies, mostly inspired by the imagination of her own kids. You can see some of Mel's beautiful designs above and below and please visit her website online here to find out more or inquire about licensing and collaborations.