31 May 2007

DESIGNERS - mingla

stockholm based mingla design produce great patterns on fabric, oilcloth and laminated birch trays. jenny mahler uniyal and ann charlotte ridderstolpe are also stylists so its no suprise they have a stylish website to display their wares. i couldnt resist these two images below from their magazine press section, as they have such beautifully put together swatches and colours.

DESIGNER - sanna annukka

there have been lots of new additions up on sanna annuka's website - including a new pattern section to her portfolio. there's also a new "germany only" keane single out, and a series of illustrations for wallpaper magazine.

BEDLINEN - roomMate

striking red cushions (above) and kids bedlinen (below) from danish designers roomMate. apart from the 'moody mule' design they've also designed an entire 'zoo' collection of other animals.

30 May 2007

DESIGNER - susanne schjerning

ive recently been looking at lots of designs from denmark, sweden, and finland. so for the next few days print & pattern will be going scandinavian. starting with these beautiful fabric prints by danish designer susanne schjerning.

CERAMICS - malene helbak

last week we looked at the work of mette scherning, and today we are looking at the works of her some time collaborater malene helbak. danish designer malene has a truly gorgeous style that manages to be bright and colourful whilst remaining refreshingly simple.

29 May 2007

TEATOWELS - skinny la minx

have you seen these beautiful teatowels by skinny la minx on etsy ?. priced at just $10, this lovely design called eep !, has been screenprinted on to cotton hopsack by heather moore, and there are cushions coming soon. heather has been a loyal reader and commentator here on print & pattern and ive always found her blog to be really interesting as she works in so many different mediums. as well as her hand made goods on etsy heather is the queen of cut-outs and a fabulous illustrator. check here for skinny la minx on etsy shop and on blogger.

WALL DECALS - wallies

i really liked some of the new motifs on these wall decals by wallies, especially the cute apples and bird designs.

PATTERN - flasks

i love this pattern left by swiss flask company sigg.

ILLUSTRATION - robinsons

in an update to the robinsons ads - thanks to lucinda c for letting us know they were illustrated by adrian johnson (see some of his other work above). if you're in the UK, you may have noticed these adverts for robinsons appearing in the press and in magazines. they're really sweet and have a touch of japanese cute about them. see the accompanying tv ad here.

25 May 2007

CERAMICS - mette scherning

i found the work of mette scherning through marie's butik (via decor8) and thought although it is fantastically beautiful jewellery it also has a lot of inspiration to offer the 2d designer. these stylised floral motifs are just brilliant and the colours really fresh.
P.S its a bank holiday in the UK this weekend so hope to see you all on tuesday.