30 June 2020

DESIGNER FOR HIRE - imogen joy

Designer for Hire freelance illustrator
Imogen Joy is a new entry in the Designers for Hire Directory meaning she is available now for licensing and commissions. Imogen is an English illustrator and surface pattern designer who had been based in Sydney Australia for 20 years. She has a background in Fine Arts and studied a Masters in Drawing and Printmaking, but discovered the world of pattern design through the wonderful Make it in Design School, about 3 years ago, and fell in love with the process of pattern making.
Imogen describes her style as whimsical, magical, story-like, and quirky. She is really drawn to vintage posters, illustrations and colour palettes, maybe because she often looks back nostalgically to her childhood spent by the English seaside.
She loves to weave story-telling through her designs and her patterns tend to have an illustrative style. She gets a lot of inspiration from her 4 year old son who is an animal enthusiast and this feeds into a lot of her work. They also read an enormous amount together so children's picture books also provide great inspiration. Imogen's favourite motifs to draw are animals, birds, objects, flowers, people, and coastal and seaside motifs.
Going forward Imogen would love to explore the market for children’s home decor, but she also loves designing for stationery, homeware, fabrics, and fashion.
She is interested in commissions, licensing opportunities and would be delighted to find an agent to represent her.  Website / Instagram

DESIGNER - tatie lou

This beautiful Gingko design is by Tatie Lou (aka designer Louise) who studied Printed Textiles at Dundee University and then traveled the world seeking inspiration for her designs. Her latest collection explores the ancient Japanese art of Shibori. Using indigo dye, binding, and folding techniques she creates unique results each time and those designs are the digitally manipulated to produce patterns for printing on wallpapers and fabrics. Website / Instagram

29 June 2020

DESIGNER/ILLUSTRATOR - ekaterina trukhan

I am such a big fan of designer and illustrator Ekaterina Trukhan that when a new email from her popped into my inbox I was super excited. Ekaterina is best known for illustrating children's books and to have some new work from her to share on P&P is a real joy. Ekaterina is a Russian designer who moved to London to study at the Camberwell College of Arts. She works freelance for various clients and also sells her wall art prints online via her own label KA. Most recently I've posted Ekaterina's work for Lagom cards, but today we have a whole showcase of her brilliant work to enjoy. Anyone interested in working with Ekaterina (and I know I would be if I were a business or art editor) should get in touch via her Website or Instagram.