13 July 2018

NEWSLETTER - coco gigi design

Gina Maldonado the artist behind Coco Gigi Design has created her very first newsletter and would love to invite people to subscribe. The newsletter will go out bimonthly and there Gina will share insights into her design process, art supply reviews, new designs and photos of her recent travels around the world. Anyone interested can sign up using this form here. Clients can view Gina's portfolio website here or to see examples of her beautiful work at a glance find Coco Gigi Design on Instagram here.

FABRIC PRINTING - kunjut textile and design

Kunjut Textile & Design is a large format digital fabric printing studio. Since 2009, they have been providing custom printing services to designers, artists, manufacturers and sewers in all the Russian territory but also abroad. Kunjut T&D is specialised in design and production of fabric printing, in the creation of clothing collections, accessories and souvenirs. Inside Kunjut there are three sectors: printing on fabrics, the design studio and a garment factory. In the clothing lab they have seamstresses to realise projects. Designing is also an important part of the company and Kunjut create digital prints, patterns, collections of fabrics, clothing, home d├ęcor, bedding and interior. Kunjut have talented and experienced designers and illustrators who keep up with trends and market preferences.
They are currently getting ready to participate at Indigo’s exhibition in Brussels where they will show their creations in the field of interior design and textile design. Kunjut say important designers attend the Indigo exhibition and they are proud to take part of it.

DESIGNER - rachel watson

Rachel Watson is a designer based in Derby, who mainly focuses on patterns for home decor, stationery and greetings - and this is where she has been concentrating her latest efforts. Rachel has had a meandering journey through jobs in business and education, always with a creative leaning - until she got to the point where she wouldn't be satisfied unless creating became the biggest part of her life. Rachel took a load of courses, taught herself to conquer her nemesis, Adobe Illustrator (She had been a Photoshop devotee up to that point!), and is now looking for representation from an agent, and for some awesome, exciting projects to get her teeth into! Rachel feels she continues to be on the steepest learning curve of her life, but says "by George it's fun". Rachel is an Instagram addict (find her here), which she feels can be a double edged sword at times and luckily for me she also loves the P&P Blog and books. Here are some images representative of Rachel's work and you can see more online here.


12 July 2018

NEW WORK - sarah grateley

These are some of the most recent designs by Designers for Hire member Sarah Grateley. Sarah is looking to expand her client list for textile products such as nursery and toddler bedding, baby wear, fabrics and is also hoping to attract children's publishers who produce board books, cloth or activity books. Scroll down to see her latest creations, and find Sarah's portfolio online here. You can also follow on Instagram here

DESIGNER - lynn forder

Lynn Forder had a background in accountancy but in 2016 things changed when she “stumbled” upon the term Surface Pattern Design. Lynn was completely hooked and wanted to learn more about it and so she signed up for the first three modules with Make it in Design.The course had a huge impact on Lynn and re-introduced her to her creative side - since finishing the modules last year she has been busy building a portfolio, teaching herself how to use Illustrator and Photoshop, entering design competitions and connecting with other creatives through various online workshops and groups. Lynn's designs are available to licence and she would love to see them come to life on textiles, wallpaper, gift-wrap, greeting cards and stationery.  Looking ahead to the future Lynn is hoping to launch a small range of homewares with some local independent shops. Find out more online here.