18 July 2018

KIDS DESIGN - carolyn gavin for anthropologie

One of my favourite artists Carolyn Gavin has collaborated with Anthropologie to create a new kids bedding collection called Canine Collective. The latest range features Carolyn's cute and colourful dog paintings and sketches, and joins Carolyn's Cat collective that launched last year. As seen online here at Anthropologie.

FABRICS - amanda brandl

Designer Amanda Brandl's work is always bright and full of birds and animals, and has been described as a mix of contemporary folk illustrations and Scandi design. Amanda has licensed four fabric collections and created surface pattern designs for Hotels such as Seaworld (wallpaper, rugs, cushions and upholstery). Here we can see some examples of Amanda's licensed work (on sale in Australian fabric stores). Her debut collection Taking Flight can be seen above and below Amanda's latest collection "Marsupials & Monotremes" will launch at the Australian Quilt Market later this year. All of Amanda's patterns are also available as wallpaper which she can print on demand. To find out more about her fabrics and licensing opportunities go online here.

17 July 2018

DESIGNER FOR HIRE - noonday design

Today we have a new entry in the Designers for Hire Directory. Tracey Coon of Noonday Design is an artist / illustrator / surface pattern designer who enjoys creating bold, fun, and whimsical designs that range from cute characters to beautiful florals. She is currently open for commissions and freelance opportunities and is especially hoping to build a relationship with a stationery company to build a line of greeting cards. Here we have some of her latest work, along with some new greeting card designs. You can view Tracey's portfolio at Noonday Design and find her on Instagram or contact via email at noondaydesign@gmail.com

LATEST WORK - claire wilson

Since joining Print & Pattern's Designers for Hire Claire Wilson has designed a brand new website and been signed up by The Bright Agency. Claire's new website showcases a few examples of her freelance work and greeting card designs as well as surface pattern designs. She will be represented by The Bright Agency for art licensing, focusing in particular on the greetings card and stationery industry. Claire's full licensing portfolio can be viewed through the Bright Art Licensing website. As well as creating designs for art licensing, Claire is also available for freelance work and commissions too. She would love to expand her portfolio and see some of her designs used on other product categories such as fabric, homewares and even clothing so she would welcome any enquiries for collaborations. You can see more of my latest designs and updates from  the studio via Claire's Instagram account.

16 July 2018

DESIGN AGENCY - jehane ltd

Jehane Boden Spiers is an artist and art agent in Brighton, UK who has just set up a new agency called Jehane Ltd. Jehane (pronounced like the French 'Je' in Je'taime and 'Hane' rhyming with yarn) has over 25 years experience in design herself and now develops licensing opportunities for a group of  8 other artists. Designer Snowden Flood has just been announced as the latest Jehane artist and joins Meghann Rader, Tracey English, Kate Heiss, Jade Mosinski, Amelia Bowman, Susan Kennewell, and Natalie Pedetti Prack. Jehane have an extensive portfolio ready to show clients and they also create custom commissions to a brief. Scroll down to see some examples of their beautiful artwork and you can find out more or get in touch via the Jehane website here.