17 May 2022

CARDS - tesco kids ages

I've recently been doing a survey wherever I go, of birthday age cards. These can be from 1-15 for kids, significant ages such as 18 or 21, and of course all the decades from 30 to 100. I've found all kinds of designs and styles and it's amazing how artists can be so creative with illustrating numbers. The first piece of research I have ready to post is from Tesco.

16 May 2022

DESIGNER - Alexandra Michiardi

Designer Alexandra Michiardi has recently released lots of new prints in her Spoonflower shop 'Tristan & Zoe'. For this new release, Alexandra asked her Instagram followers which colour palette they were drawn to, for each one of the prints she was planning to release. Based on their very helpful answers, Alexandra narrowed down a few colour combo for an eclectic mix of abstract, conversational and minimalist designs.

Spoonflower / Instagram / website

PICNICWARE - spotted in store

The picnicware season has well and truly started and stores are filling up with patterned melamine and bamboo. I've already spotted some lovely designs including this one from George at Asda. Called Groovy Floral its a lovely print where the organic shapes fit together beautifully to really fill the space. Apart from picnicware it's also available on cushions and garden chairs. The plates and bowls are available individually in store and as a set online.
And something else that caught my eye was this cool, bag and drinks beaker from Tesco featuring a safari print that is really well drawn and has a lovely colour palette.

13 May 2022

DESIGNER - gemma lofthouse

Gemma Lofthouse is a UK based Freelance surface pattern, textile & tile designer. Gemma has over 8yrs experience in the creative industries, designing for a wide range of products. From an early age she was inspired by her surroundings, particularly nature and botanicals. At 13, Gemma was fortunate to travel to India with her Grandfather to meet her Great Gran. Observing and absorbing the vibrancy of the country, the textiles and the architecture, this sparked her passion for travel. It was at this time, colour, pattern and texture became an integral part of her thinking. Driven by her love of the handmade, Gemma creates artwork through drawings, paintings, and mixed media for Screen Printing and Digital/CAD techniques. Freelance work includes designing prints and surface patterns, and researching trends to produce trend-boards and trend led write-ups/trend edits, for clients large and small, from the Homewares and Apparel industries, as well as working with Licensed brands for apparel and accessories.
And as an extra for our Friday Eye Candy feature I thought I'd share some of the fabulous designs Gemma Lofthouse has created for Anthropologie.....