16 August 2018

DESIGN BOOK - little U

I recently purchased a copy of Little U, the new publication from UPPERCASE magazine. Described as being for the young at heart it's aimed those of us who design for children and love or work with a children's aesthetic. It features one of my personal favourite designers Suzy Ultman and contains interviews with designers, books and toys for children, sewing, fabrics, etc plus tons of great pictures. I love all the divider pages too, which feature Suzy Ultman designs cut out into shapes by Finley the young son of  Little U's creator Janine Vangool. The book costs $24, but has a chunky 244 pages (with no adverts) plus mine came with a large poster that can be coloured in by someone of any age. Find Little U online here and in stockists.

FABRICS - maude asbury

I realised it had been a while since I posted what has been happening with Maude Asbury fabrics. Maude Asbury is not the name of a designer but is in fact a brand created by Joe Spiegelberg (from Blend Fabrics) and that uses various designers to create lovely prints. These are my picks of the many fabrics now available, for more visit Blend online here.

FABRICS - katy tanis/blend

Talking of Blend Fabrics - the beautiful designs by Katy Tanis caught my eye for their super stylised mountains and fashionable sloths. See all of Katy's fabrics at Blend online here.