25 June 2018

DESIGNER FOR HIRE - victoria fitton

Today we a look at new work by UK based illustrator and surface designer Victoria Fitton who is the latest edition to the P&P Designers for Hire Directory. Victoria originally studied ceramic design at Staffordshire University and spent some time as a potter. Highlights included selling a range of functional ware through David Mellor Design, in Sloane Square, as well as exhibiting at the V&A Museum, London. A move from London out to the countryside however marked a change in creative direction. Victoria is fascinated by the ever changing forms found in nature and finds much of her current inspiration there. When developing a theme, a large emphasis is placed upon drawing, painting and manipulating materials before fine tuning digitally. Most recently Victoria has been working with the Schurman Retail Group on seasonal designs for Winter 2018 and Valentines 2019. If you would like to get in touch to discuss commissions or licensing, Victoria would love to hear from you. She can be found on Instagram here and via her website here.

DESIGNER - esther loopstra

Esther Loopstra is an illustrator and designer based in Seattle, USA. Esther recently created a series of of designs called Ancient Animals. This colourful series of artworks were inspired by her love of history, patterns and the natural world. Esther is fascinated by the symbolism of plants and animals that have been used in history to explain phenomenon, tell stories, worshipped as gods and adorned objects. Find Esther on Instagram and on her website.

FASHION PRINTS - joy the store

These are just a few little fashion prints that caught my eye in Joy the Store recently.

22 June 2018

DESIGN COMPETITION - july 2nd deadline

Deadline extended until July 2nd - click here for all the details.

PAPERCHASE - final round-up

It's my final day for looking at designs from Paperchase and we finish today with miscellaneous pieces such as packaging, gift wrap and social stationery.