02 July 2020

NEW WORK - laura silveira

Laura Silveira Designer for Hire freelance available
Lock down has afforded illustrator Laura Silveira, a period of portfolio reflection and experimentation, and she also says "puppy training!". Her website has been updated with a breadth of new food and lifestyle illustrations. She has also added an online shop which she hopes to open over the coming weeks.
Laura says that like many other creatives have surely found, the lockdown has forced her out of routines that involved the same approach to staple work every day. After many weeks of new routines around family life, she has found the hunger to be creative and get inky fingers! Having smaller windows of opportunity has given Laura the incentive to try new and old ideas that she'd previously put aside. It's been a joy to see new techniques and thumbnails through to conclusion without any pressure on an end goal other than to enjoy the process. Head over to www.laurasilveira.co.uk to view her full portfolio and Instagram for shop updates, giveaways, new work and puppy stories!!
Laura Silveira also has a new range of card designs called 'Abuzz' created for Wuzci.

STATIONERY - floret bloom

Hayley Robinson is an artist from Tyne & Wear UK, Hayley graduated from Cleveland College of Art and Design in 2011 where she studied Textiles and Surface Design. She has recently opened up a business called Floret Bloom which specialises in designing stationery for weddings and all other commemorative life events, while expressing her passion for all things floral. Hayley loves the unique factor of nature; how flowers can intertwine with one another and how no collection of flora in a garden can ever be the same. She transcribes this idea into her prints by demonstrating movement and shape of flowers and by making the customers invitations unique. Floret Bloom was inspired by the planning process of her own wedding. It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be expensive, so Hayley trys and offer invitations at an affordable price, so "you don’t have to put any more of a dent in the budget". Facebook / Instagram

01 July 2020

KIDSWEAR - pim pam

Brilliant designer Aless Baylis has created a new brand of reusable nappies called Pim Pam. The brand focuses on making their products a bit more modern and current than what’s already out there in the market. Aless has been working on Pim Pam for the last 15 months with many highs and lows on her journey but is now ready for the launch. Aless works as a freelance designer and illustrates many products for children and babies so was very excited to finally work on her own collection. There are 8 designs in the range so far and each nappy has a lovely soft microfleece lining & comes with two super absorbent bamboo boosters. Bags and wipes are also available and more accessories will be added. Launching a new line during lockdown is not easy for obvious reasons but luckily Aless's own 2 year old daughter Lola was able to act as their in-house model for Pim Pam photo shoots. Website / Instagram

30 June 2020

DESIGNER FOR HIRE - imogen joy

Designer for Hire freelance illustrator
Imogen Joy is a new entry in the Designers for Hire Directory meaning she is available now for licensing and commissions. Imogen is an English illustrator and surface pattern designer who had been based in Sydney Australia for 20 years. She has a background in Fine Arts and studied a Masters in Drawing and Printmaking, but discovered the world of pattern design through the wonderful Make it in Design School, about 3 years ago, and fell in love with the process of pattern making.
Imogen describes her style as whimsical, magical, story-like, and quirky. She is really drawn to vintage posters, illustrations and colour palettes, maybe because she often looks back nostalgically to her childhood spent by the English seaside.
She loves to weave story-telling through her designs and her patterns tend to have an illustrative style. She gets a lot of inspiration from her 4 year old son who is an animal enthusiast and this feeds into a lot of her work. They also read an enormous amount together so children's picture books also provide great inspiration. Imogen's favourite motifs to draw are animals, birds, objects, flowers, people, and coastal and seaside motifs.
Going forward Imogen would love to explore the market for children’s home decor, but she also loves designing for stationery, homeware, fabrics, and fashion.
She is interested in commissions, licensing opportunities and would be delighted to find an agent to represent her.  Website / Instagram