15 February 2019

DESIGN COURSE - surface design immersion

Today we have some news of an online design course that is opening for registration on 19th February and enrollment closes on 26th February - for the rest of the year. So if you are need of a helping hand now is the time to think about this lovely training program from designer Bonnie Christine.

The Surface Pattern Immersion Course is an expansive 8 week course that teaches Adobe Illustrator, pattern design, working in collections, creating a portfolio, how to become a licensing artist and the business of being a surface designer.
Whether you’re brand new or established and ready to soar, this course will meet you where you’re at and help you accomplish your BIG goals. Bonnie knows, the best way to accomplish your biggest goals is to immerse yourself in the learning, the industry and in the community.

The incredibly comprehensive, 8 week course contains over 120 lessons, 90 videos and audio versions of all of the text based lessons so you can choose to engage however you prefer. The course is broken up into 8 modules, with lessons released at the beginning of each week. It may sound like a lot, but rest assured that it is broken up into bite sized pieces that build upon each other and are easy to follow.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

•Module 1: Intro to Illustrator

•Module 2: Illustrator Advanced

•Module 3: Repeating Patterns Pro

•Module 4: Working in Collection

•Module 5: Designing a Portfolio

•Module 6: Creating your Irresistible Package

•Module 7: Propelling your Work into the World

•Module 8: The Business of Surface Design

Bonnie had 342 people take the course in it's first year (2018), and from that group, many have gone on to license their work, debut fabric collections, quit their day jobs, and ultimately start living the career of their dreams.
There have been some incredible success from last year's alumni, you can read their stories here.

Enrollment is open February 19th - February 26th. It only opens once a year, so don’t delay. Find all the details online here.
Good News Bonnie Christine is also offering a free mini course on the business of surface design this week. Join Bonnie and you'll dive into her training on finding your signature style, how to stand out from the crowd, explore different income streams and promote your work like a pro This free course will also give you a preview of the Surface Design Immersion Course.

14 February 2019

VALENTINE'S 2019 - paperchase

Happy Valentine's Day! Now the day has arrived I am finalising my Valentines design coverage today. We start with the one of the UK's favourite card retailers Paperchase. For one reason or another I never managed to get to an actual store Paperchase store this month so here are a small selection from their lovely website.

VALENTINE'S 2019 - stop the clock design

I love these Valentines from Stop the Clock Design. They are available online and from retail stockists, including Paperchase stores.

VALENTINES 2019 - marks & Spencer

And finally for 2019 Valentines we have a small selection from high street favourites Marks & Spencer.

13 February 2019

VALENTINE'S 2019 - paper salad

These beautiful painterly designs are Valentine's Day cards from Paper Salad. There are florals, a bear and a unicorn amongst the 22 designs available. The range is available in good card shops now and you can see the full set online here.