30 June 2006

cotton prints

if france is the land of the wall decal, the america is the home of the quilt. im sure thats why there are so many great fabric designers in the U.S , because of the popularity of sewing.
hence american readers will be familiar with amy butler's designs, but those in the UK may not,(over here we dont really have quilt shops, etc). take a look at the beautiful designs on display here, i love the way amy uses colour, she has come up with some really original colour combinations. check the website here for great designs, sewing projects, and cool photographs taken by amy's husband.


an emulsion on canvas painting by dan baldwin. one of the many artists on sale at britart.com.

french fabrics

great prints by french designers 'maison georgette'. founded in 1999 by marion levy & veronique georgelin, maison g have their own silk screen workshop where they can experiment with their ideas and create these brilliant designs.


textile designs from michael miller fabrics. above - sophisticated black & white, and below - bold florals. browse the collections for more prints.


more great wall decals ,this time by sofia antonovitch ( discovered via imedagoze). its not that im obsessed by the idea of wall stickers, its just that i enjoy seeing all the different types of motifs people come up with. sofia's are very girly/boudoir in style.

29 June 2006

a new bag

today im really thrilled as i have a new bag - and its by my favourite designer orla kiely.
the quality of her bags are brilliant, as is the detailing - the lining has a one colour stem print to compliment the bright multi-coloured one on the outside. this design is really her signature print, for me its classic orla, so it wasnt hard to choose which design to buy.

orla kiely fabrics

the new bag is the perfect excuse to post orla kiely prints - well we havent done it since april. just a selection of various designs - some current & some archive. one thing i havent mentioned before though is did you know that you can buy orla fabrics by the metre for making your own creations ? i didnt until recently - but here they are ( above) £35 mtr from tinsmiths.


bold floral prints on tableware from pierre frey.

28 June 2006

french fabrics

after yesterdays fifi french designs - today ive been investigating some more, these fabrics are from mes habits cheris. mainly used on clothing, bags, and aprons i thought some were really quite original - like the squiggle design above for example.

french wall decals

another fine example of french wall stickers - can there be any other country in the world where decals are so popular ?. these are taken from the catalogue of les louisettes where they've come up with some really interesting motifs.

french fleurs

whilst on the subject of french wall decals - its a good time to show these examples. i first read about these designs on imedagoze's blog. great flowers and a trendy bird on branch design.

27 June 2006

french patterns

i cant pretend i know too much about this designer as all the information is in french, but i do know they have produced some wonderful little designs on lanterns, cards, & badges. check out the cute site of fifi mandirac for lots more style.


beautiful wallpaper patterns from harlequin.

26 June 2006

saturday = shopping

patterns spotted this saturday include melamine picnic plate from tesco (above) and cool print on a skirt from white stuff (below).

above various fashion prints - below notebooks from paperchase & accessorize.

greek bedlinen

i spotted an ad for kentia bedlinen in the greek domino magazine and thought some of their designs were interesting. the colour palette is a lot brighter than that of the UK, but im guessing thats to do with the weather. there are some nice motifs though.

23 June 2006

back from holidays

well here i am back from athens - and ive arrived home to a huge backlog of work, hence the delay on returning to P+P. ive collected a few patterns on the trip which i thought i'd post here, before resuming normal service next week. starting with these lovely greek ceramic coasters i purchased in athens. lovely traditional patterns and they cost just 1 euro each.
some of the other coasters on sale.