19 July 2019

GREETINGS CARDS - hallmark studio ink + more

The very cool Hallmark Studio Ink (who I first discovered in 2015) have now been spotted in the UK at Tesco!. Yes that's right Tesco. So to celebrate I have put together a post of the latest designs from the Studio Ink website and followed these with some snapshots. 

The first few of these cards (below) are by Sarah Walsh, whose designs I love very much, and she is such a cool artist that I never thought I would see her cards in my local supermarket - but I am so pleased that they are. Here are some sanpshots of key highlights from the latest Tesco greetings cards here...

18 July 2019

DESIGNER - rachel jaques

Rachel Jaques is a a pattern designer and printmaker based in Devon, UK. After working for many years as an in-house designer Rachel recently made the exciting but scary move to go freelance! Her work is inspired by a love of nature, printmaking, collage art and mid century design. Rachel mixes precise hand drawn elements with organic textures and splashes of plain colour.
She would love to hear from anyone that would be interested in licensing her pattern designs or would like to discuss a project. You can see Rachel's latest work by following her on Instagram here.
A selection of Rachel's limited edition screen prints and giclee prints are also available in her Etsy shop here.