11 November 2006


huge thanks to everyone whos been reading print & pattern, as from today im off on holiday for a few weeks, taking in new york, las vegas, and san francisco. in the meantime i'd invite anybody who has landed here searching for inspiration to check the archives, (just click on any of the months listed on the right) where you'll find hundreds of images and links to brilliant designs, companies, and stores. big apologies to anyone who has emailed me lately, ive gotten a bit behind on corrspondence what with preparations for the trip, plus my brothers vegas wedding, the UK wedding, and getting my work up to date before i go away. ive had around 250 emails over the last month or so, hence i havent been able to reply to everyone yet. rest assured all recommendations and images are saved, and i'll post the good ones on my return. thanks to everyone who has emailed kind words about P+P. hope to see everyone back here in december.
ONE LAST POST BEFORE I GO - my personal favourite blogs below ....


........ then you'll love these.
seeing as im deserting you for the rest of the month i thought i'd share with you my personal favourite blogs that i love to read. you'll never be short of daily eye candy with these great blogs. many of you will know them already, but if any are new to you please give them a look. skinny la minx
nippy sweetie
oh my gooshness
rag & bone
and of course dont forget old favourites we all love like design*sponge

and decor8

10 November 2006

paper bag pattern

cute carrier bag from fabric company jane churchill featuring a bright foliage pattern.

digital prints

theres a great range of digital art on display using florals and geometrics at image service. visit the sight for illustrations and abstracts that can be printed onto any substrait for use in interiors.

placement prints

patterns on mugs, doormats & a screen from the dot com gift shop.

books i dont own

when im browsing websites i often come across bookcovers that catch my eye, so i save them in a scrapbook. these are some of the designs on books i dont own but enjoy looking at the covers anyway.

09 November 2006


ive got that vintage feeling again on print & pattern today, with a series of posts featuring designs on vintage ceramics and glass. i recently found these lovely close ups of fire king on the website heavenz kitchen. does anyone know where i might see some fire king in new york or san francisco ? it would be great to find some pieces when im on holiday next week.


regular readers will know i have a slight obsession with vintage milk glass patterns. here are pieces by fire king, pyrex, federal, and glasbake all from rough diamond.


vintage motifs on ceramics & glassware from collectibles website blue dot.


vintage patterned glass by hazel atlas, as seen at japanese site dips.