19 August 2019

Print & Pattern is off for it's annual Summer Break. Huge thanks to everyone who has been enjoying the blog so far this year. I hope you will have a great rest of the Summer and I'll be back in September. You can still request a showcase or shout out here on Print & Pattern via my email bowiestyle@hotmail.co.uk and I'll post the best submissions when I return.

16 August 2019

CARDS & STATIONERY - pleased to meet

It's the final day for P&P today before the Summer break, and I am signing off with some lovely design from Germany company pleased to meet. This Berlin based business was founded by Daniela Koenn and Marcel Hornung who first met in New York when they were both still working for other design agencies, before starting their own. In 2010 they made a decision to fully commit to designing and distributing paper products. pleased to meet started with a few greeting cards and has now developed into a collection of around 300 products ranging from stationary to home decor and accessories. pleased to meet products are currently sold in more than 600 stores across the globe and can be found online here.

15 August 2019

MUGS ETC. - sukie

There is a bit of end of term feel to Print & Pattern this week as I am just posting anything I fancy. These stylish and cute mugs are from two designers I've admired for a long time - Sukie. The shape of the stoneware mug is highly original and was designed in collaboration with Keith Brymer Jones. When combined with the folksy motifs and the super sweet woodland creatures they make something truly unique. You can see these designs and more online here at Sukie.