22 December 2018

CHRISTMAS BREAK - back on January 14th

Thanks so much to everyone who read Print & Pattern in 2018 - Hope you have a lovely holiday and a fabulous New Year, P&P is off on a Christmas break now until January 14th 2019. But we will be announcing the Make it Design Scholarship on January 11th though so if you have entered the contest do tune in that day, Also don't forget Surtex is happening earlier this year so feel free to send in your show flyers and any work examples just as soon as you are ready to bowiestyle@hotmail.co.uk for the P&P Surtex showcase.

21 December 2018

CHRISTMAS 2018 - phoebe tyrie

I am finishing the year with some beautiful Christmas designs from Phoebe Tyrie. Leeds based artist Phoebe has been very busy creating a Christmas countdown on her Instagram and is sharing just some of her designs with us today. She is available for collaborations and commissions and can be contacted via Instagram here.

CHRISTMAS 2018 - heather powers

Another artist working on Christmas designs for licensing is Heather Powers. Heather lives on the shores of Lake Michigan and her work current festive collection was inspired by Christmas treats at her grandparents’ house. Vintage candy dishes filled with old fashioned candy, bonbons on a hand-embroidered tablecloth and straw snowflakes ornaments all capture memories of her holidays past. 
Heather's designs are available for licensing. More of her work can be found online here.

20 December 2018

CHRISTMAS 2018 - lagom

These beautiful graphic cards are all from UK publisher Lagom who are best known for their stylish Scandinavian designs and contemporary illustrators. It was founded by Kelly Hyatt and named after the Swedish for 'Just right'. Here we have designs by Ryan Chapman, Ekaterina Trukhan, Ingela P Arrhenius, Bo Lunberg, Postco and Kelly Hyatt. They're all available to buy online and in good card shops.

CHRISTMAS 2018 - next packaging

Christmas is a time of year when companies splash out on more decorative packaging, and this line of gifts from Next stood out for it's variety of patterns. Candles, chocolate and tea are all prettily packaged in a mixture of geometrics, florals and patterned mongrams.