26 May 2023

ON VACATION - back on June 5th

 I’m off to Italy for half term. Hope to see everyone on Monday June 5th when Print & Pattern returns.

23 May 2023

DESIGNER - veronique villalet

Inspired by yesterday's post on Pierre Frey I was intrigued to see more from French designer Veronique Villalet. I had a lovely time browsing her Instagram page. It's features a fantastic selection of works that experiment with colour and motifs. Veronique is a graduate of the Ecole des Beaux Arts in NĂ®mes, she worked in London, before moving to Paris where she began a collaborating as a stylist with several decoration magazines including Paris Match and Marie-Claire. 

22 May 2023

HOME DECOR - pierre frey

We start the week with some beautiful Summer colour from Pierre Frey's new ILES ENCHANTEES collection. The designs are inspired by a beautiful escape to the shores of the Pacific whose islands fill the imagination. They say "The mere mention of them brings up heavenly images: being rocked by the movement of the waves, diving into the crystal-clear waters of a lagoon, enjoying the scent of flowers or contemplating the horizon in the shade of coconut trees". My favourite print (above and below) is Rangiroa featuring cut out papers of lush vegetation by Veronique Villaret. It features on embroidered fabric, wallpaper and a rug. Scroll down to see more from the Iles Enchantees collection and find them online at Pierre Frey.
The design below ARUHINE was created by the illustrator Yiling Changues, who lives and works in Tahiti, using felt pens and oil pastels. We discover an enchanted forest with bright colours where silhouettes of women mingle with Polynesian plants magically.