21 September 2018

DESIGNER FOR HIRE - the tiny garden

P&P recently added a new artist to the Designers for Hire Directory: Maria Vashchuk who works behind the name The Tiny Garden and is based in the Netherlands. Maria is inspired by nature in her little garden, cycling in dunes, travels, visiting flea markets and bookshops. She has an extensive catalogue of pattern designs ready for licensing/purchase. Her range include whimsical elegant florals, colourful kids designs, conversational and seasonal prints. Maria is also available for commissions and looking for stationery, home decor and kids products companies to collaborate with. Her current clients include Eccolo ltd, Ecoffee Cup, Wallsauce, Printed Matter, o'Honey Lemon, Shipping Hip. Check Maria's website online here and follow The Tiny Garden on Instagram.

KIDS DESIGN - mothercare

I'm rounding off the week with a few stores snapshots from my local branch of Mothercare. I've been out looking for Autumn colours and themes to post and these are the first of my research results.

20 September 2018

DESIGNER - marie assenat

I really loved the 'Toys of Marie Assenat' collection from Petit Jour Paris. They were designed by Marie Assenat a freelance illustrator from Paris who currently lives and works in Brooklyn. Marie has a colourful, whimsical style that feels uniquely French. She has illustrated for The New York Times and the UK's Financial Times among many other clients in France and Japan. Her Petit Jour Paris collection is available now and includes tableware and bags. Marie Assenat is available for commissions and collaborations and her portfolio can be found online here, plus she has a fabulous Instagram account here

The Petit Jour Paris collection gave me the perfect excuse to showcase some more of Marie Assenat's wonderful work...

TOP DRAWER AW18 - petit jour paris

I thought I would also highlight another collection from Petit Jour Paris, who exhibited at Top Drawer recently. This bold jungle print caught my eye for it's stylised animals and cheerful colours. You can find Petit Jour Paris products in stockists or buy online here.