26 October 2011


UPDATE : after more than a week with no computer i am at last back up and running and able to get back online. if you've ever had a computer break then you'll know how frustrating it feels. there is so much to consider such as re-activating adobe software (not easy), anti-virus cover, i-tunes, and suddenly missing all your fonts collected over the years. luckily the computer repair shop was able to save all my design work from the hardrive and transfer them to a new one for me. phew!

during all the trauma i purchased two new computers - one laptop and one desktop so that if one fails i can still manage to work and blog - so hopefully i wont get caught out like this again !
thank you for being so patient - new posts coming asap : )

DESIGNER - allistair burt

allistair burt is an architect/artist based in glasgow where he has worked with a colleague under the banner of 'hole in my pocket' on a range of different projects over the past few years from films to political movements. allistair has shown paintings, prints, sculpture and book art at exhibitions throughout the UK and has recently developed a range of greetings cards, mugs, t-shirts and other associated products current stockists include the glasgow school of art, magma, and the red door gallery. you can also find them online at etsy or folksy.

JAPANESE - cocoena

cocoena is a japanese online shop that specialise in bringing products from america and europe to the marketplace in japan. they are currently stocking lots of lovely galison christmas lines as well as brands such as sukie, girl of all work, paperchase, and natalie lete.

DESIGNER - lisa eriksson

lisa eriksson is a swedish designer based in stockholm. with little experience but with a great passion for designing patterns lis decided to start her own business, and in 2010 FABRiKO was finally born! FABRiKO is an interior design brand for kids with products such as wallpaper, bedlinen, pillows and accessories. lisa's first collection is based on four different patterns with an industrial inspiration. as lisa loves to design patterns and is very productive, she also has a freelance portfolio online here.

TYPOGRAPHY - helen lins

helen lins has created this "a year in caps: 2012 typography calendar" which is made from a series of twelve sustainably-harvested birch veneer cards, one month on each card. the design features funky, novelty fonts and expressive typography to express the mood of each month. priced at $32 its available from heather lins home.

25 October 2011

EXHIBITION - marcus walters

'unplanned magic' is a new exhibition by marcus walters currently taking place at the material gallery in ludlow, UK. 'unplanned magic' is also running concurrently at blackbough (also in ludlow) and featuring work by marcus' fellow screen print artist kate gibb. they have created some collaborative prints by over-printing each others work and they have also produced a limited range of hand sewn notebooks and hand printed tea towels which are available in store at the exhibition and online in marcus' shop.

NEW WORK - isak

design sandra isaksson has been very busy working on new projects recently including a whole host of christmas packing for marks & spencer. sandra sent me a few snaps but i will certainly be looking out to see more of these great designs in the shops before christmas.sandra has also created a new children's bedlinen and decor range for skip hop.and finally sandra has illustrated a voucher book for a dutch publisher.