30 September 2020

Greetings cards - tesco pt.3

Hallmark cards
It's the third and final part of my Tesco greetings card review. And we finish with animal style designs, and designs for baby's and children. It's been fun looking at the various styles over the last couple of days, hope it has inspired you to check them out in your Tesco store or just to get your creative juices going. For more card inspiration don't miss the Hallmark blog which is created by their design studio and find them on Instagram at Think Make Share.

29 September 2020

GREETINGS CARDS - tesco pt.2

I'm back in Tesco again today looking at greetings cards. The theme this time is typography, so the main part of all today's designs is the type. There are cards for all kinds of occasions and quite a few landmark age cards. All snapped in UK supermarket Tesco who work mainly with Hallmark but also various other publishers.