31 October 2023


As mentioned yesterday I've been browsing the National Portrait Gallery Shop in London, so I thought I would share the rest of my snapshots from my visit and online research. One of my best discoveries was striking geometric scarves by Amelia Graham. Other finds include scarves and cushions by Celia Birtwell and Cressida Bell, wrapping paper by Emma Cooter and Carolyn Suzuki, Christmas cards by 1973 and some more lovely book covers.

30 October 2023

ILLUSTRATION/BOOKS - studio agrafka

I came across a book recently in the gift shop of the National Portrait Gallery and the neon colours and bold illustration style really caught my eye. I took some snapshots and decided to do some more research into the creators when I got home. I found out they were award-winning authors and artists Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv who live in the city of Lviv in Ukraine. Together they run a design studio called Agrafka. 'Sight' is published by Chronicle Books and has a companion book 'Sound'. I've pulled together some illustrations from both books, and some lovely extra ones as well.