29 May 2020

JAPAN WEEK - subikiawa

I've been looking at some wonderful Japanese designers all this week, and today we have the beautiful work of Subikiawa. This Kyoto based brand have created prints for licensing on stationery, purses, clothing and masking tape. They also have a bricks and mortar store selling glassware where each piece is hand painted and unique. Subikiawa exhibited in Paris in 2012 alongside other Japanese artists in a show called "kawaii zakka". Website / Instagram / Hashtags.


28 May 2020

JAPAN WEEK - mogu takahashi

Mogu Takahashi is an artist and designer based in Tokyo. Mogu has collaborated in the UK before with Donna Wilson where she illustrated characters on T-shirts. She has exhibited in Paris, Barcelona, Gothenburg and Melbourne, and her clients have included Gucci and Fine Little Day. Mogu originally studied architecture, but found she was more interested in drawing and before long found herself being asked to show at a group exhibition in New York. Her favourite subjects are animals and nature, and their shapes and colours provide constant inspiration. In 2013 she began posting her sketchbook each day on Instagram and this connected her with fellow artists, publishers and brands all over the world. Website / Instagram