31 May 2006

retro ceramics

something i spotted on ~0~ follows on nicely from yesterdays sixties style post. lena shared a couple of japanese sites, one of which is flaska online. the impressive thing about this site is that they've photographed the details of the pattern up close, something you dont always see and yet its the very bit we need. that makes this site a really useful resource.

30 May 2006

sixties style

i bought a new book this weekend that has offered up lots of inspiration. sixties style by judith miller is packed with great photographs of home accessories, fashions, and collectables. theres very little text, just page after page of photographs (my kind of book). even if you are not a fan of this era there is still a lot you can draw from the motifs used and be inspired to use them in new ways, bringing them bang up to date. published by dorling kindersly ( a publisher renowned for quality) the book is on sale in the uk for just £7.99. ISBN 1-4053-0628-9.


i found these illustrations whilst searching for lotta kuhlhorn the other day. agent form have lots of illustrators on their site besides lotta , and below are few that caught my eye. kristian russell
kristian russell
cecilia carlstedt

unknown canvases

i had these files saved now for a year in a file named 'hornsea', but i cant remember where they came from. ive googled the name to try and find out but of course all you get is hornsea pottery. they are cool painted canvases of geometric patterns - but unfortunately i cant credit their creator. if you recognise them please drop me a line. i'd love to know if they're still working and see what they've produced lately.

29 May 2006

swedish patterns

i bought a great sheet of wrapping paper on saturday from beau-monde and decided to look into the work of its creator lotta kuhlhorn. and sure enough i found these other fantastic designs
on lotta's website.

lotta wrap

this is the lotta kuhlhorn paper i bought this weekend. pop art flowers in flouro punk style colours.

best in show

this really is my last 'pulse' post - one stand that i really liked ( i would've given it best in show )
was that of lovely lovely. they had neon bright lace doilies and cool souvenir tea towels, and they also do a great range of tableware - and the mugs put me in mind of fire king.

textile museum

a selection of interesting archive treasures held at the museum of domestic design & architecture.

27 May 2006

saturday = shopping

as usual ive been checking out the shops today and here are a few of the patterns seen : first up two fashion prints from white stuff.and below a cute floral print on a wash bag in debenhams
a pink beach bag print from new look
and flowers in the window of marks & spencer

also seen........

also seen today dotted designs in paperchase & laura ashley
nice japanese style patterns on packaging in boots, and pop florals on glasses in robert dyas.

26 May 2006

ruth adler

when it comes to designing with circles ruth adler is an expert. canadian artist ruth produces lush prints on paper and canvas as well as lampshades.

notebooks etc

i recently needed a travel journal - and for me there was only one place to look - sukie.
formed by a husband & wife team of graphic designers their books are the epitomy of cool.
they've also built up their ranges over the last few years and added tea towels and cushions.

this is the book i chose - love those skyscrapers

stationary patterns

patterned folders from stationary store see jane work, i especially love the rubberbands design at the top of the post - its such a good idea. then below a selection of other goodies...

and new in - jonathan adler notebooks - one of our key designers.