29 October 2021

JAPANESE - polka iroiro

It’s Friday eye candy time again where we just enjoy scrolling through some lovely design. For today’s subject I had a great time browsing the Instagram account of Polka Iroiro. This fabulous design shop has many of the Japanese designers we’ve featured on the past on P&P so it good to see some of their latest products. Scroll down to see my top highlights here.....

28 October 2021

DESIGNER - claire iglesias

Claire Iglesias is a surface pattern designer from France with a fresh, bold and colourful style. Claire's artwork is mostly abstract shapes, with some occasional floral drawings, She loves to use the collage technique to create her patterns as she finds it a very relaxing process and it always brings her joy. Claire is always exploring different textures and materials to bring more depth to her creations. Marbling and paint are her go-to textures. Claire creates patterns for licensing for fabric and stationary companies and also has her own online shop with home decor items. She would really love to see her work on apparel and greeting cards.