30 October 2015

MEMPHIS - darkroom london

It's our final day for being inspired by the current trend for postmodern Memphis style design. The London store Darkroom have created a collection called So Sottsass as a tribute to the founder of the Memphis group Ettore Sottsass. The collection was designed by Darkroom directors Rhonda Drakeford and Lulu Roper-Caldbeck and includes plates, notebooks, and wrapping paper designs and you can view them all online here.

MEMPHIS - final round-up

Now it's time for one final round-up on Memphis style and we start with a posters and notebooks from HeyShop.

And below a bit of 1980's style fun on bedding and cushions from Sack Me!

Another of the Memphis movements founder members was Natalie Du Pasquier and some of her designs are currently in production with Third Drawer Down.

Below : Logo and Branding for label 'One we made earlier' whose lookbook has been styled by designer Clare Nicolson.

California 80's style on printable gift tags from Oh Happy Day.

Stripes and bright on a tray by Kristi Kohut spotted at Greatly.
And finally I found a little bit more from the excellent Camille Walala, this time a collection for Gorman.

29 October 2015

STATIONERY - write sketch &

I hope you are enjoying this weeks Memphis inspired posts and are maybe thinking how to add a bit of postmodernism into your designs. Even if you don't go the whole way it might be as simple as adding a grid or dashes into your prints. Today we start with notebooks from Write Sketch &. This Milan based label is the work of Matteo Carrubba and Angela Tomasoni who pay tribute to Ettore Sottass and the Memphis Group with their Super! collection of notebooks.

DESIGNER - Saskia rysenbry

Saskia Rysenbry is a designer from New Zealand who created a textile collection called 'Memphis' for Australian company Sparkk. Saskia was born in the 1980's and was inspired by the graphic prints of one of the Memphis groups founding members Nathalie Du Pasquier. Saskia works on a variety of creative projects from textiles to web design and branding. You can find her website online here or see the whole Memphis textile collection at Sparkk.