31 January 2024

CARDS - tesco

Over the weeks I've been snapping greetings cards every time I pop into Tesco. Now with quite I build up I thought it would be time to start showcasing some of these fab designs. I've tried to divide them into themes and we start with typography.

25 January 2024


It's the final part of my Tesco kidswear review today. I've picked out the remaining patterns and placement prints I had in my folder. They're mainly from boyswear, but with the odd floral mixed in that I had left in the folder.

24 January 2024


I'm in Tesco again today with a photo report on kidswear prints. Tesco no longer sell clothing online so this is one of the best ways to see what's going on in store. Particularly noteworthy this season : lots of space designs for girls.