28 November 2014


It is the last day of looking at Paperchase's current range of designs and I have pieced together a final round-up of cards, wrap, and stationery. I really loved this Ponies design on wrapping paper, floral tulip style pattern and the geometric and wood eco pads.

PAPERCHASE - 20% discount


And finally we end the week with a selection of cards spotted in Paperchase. Publishers featured include Cinnamon Aitch, Caroline Gardner, Ecojot, Soosichacha and Paperchase own label.

27 November 2014

PAPERCHASE - boutigue

It is of course Thanksgiving Day today in the USA so lots of our American readers will be busy spending time with family. So its appropriate that my Paperchase post today features an american designer Anna Bond of the Rifle Paper Co. whose designs are stocked by Paperchase. The above card is taken from the Rifle website and the snaps below were from the boutique gift room at the Paperchase AW14 press show. They are also stocking products made by Rifle but designed by French artist Garance Dore.

After seeing them I wanted to know more about Garance Dore and although these designs are NOT from Paperchase I thought they would be of interest.

And finally from Paperchase's gift boutique at the AW press show I spotted a pile of notebooks by Eley kishimoto for Marks Japan.