26 February 2015

MARIMEKKO - kukuluuruu

Today's posts are all about paying tribute to the amazing work of Sanna Annukka for Marimekko. We start with one of Sanna's latest prints for the Finnish fabric legends called 'Kukuluuruu' (meaning 'peek a boo') which was inspired by the rich wildlife found in the forests of Scandinavia. Sanna's super styled animals are covered in vibrant coloured geometric shapes and gorgeous details with folksy 'totem' feel. Released in Marimekko's AW14 range Kukuluuruu is available on fabric, tableware, kitchen accessories, bedlinen and stationery and works alongside another Sanna print called 'Toteemi'. See more online from Marimekko or Sanna Annukka.

MARIMEKKO - lamppupampula

Our second Sanna Annukka range is 'Lamppupampula' (which translates into English as lantern pom poms). This beautiful geometric design was inspired by the idea of lantern glowing on a mid-winter's night and giving comfort as it glows and lights the path. It was released as part of Marimekko's Christmas 2014 collection and features on kitchen textiles, cushions, tote bags, tableware and more.


Our Final print today from Marimekko is Saivu, For this print Sanna Annukka was inspired by the combined influences of Africa and the historical province of Karelia in Finland. The designs of Kukkuluuruu, Toteemi, and Saivu all compliment eachother nicely and could easily be mixed and matched in a home. Well done to Sanna Annukka for creating such a beautiful series of prints in her own unique style.

25 February 2015


Today I wanted to highlight a fab print design from Marimekko called "Pikku Huhuli" designed by Aino-Maija Metsola. The print is based on an Autumn woodland where animals are out and about before hibernating for winter. The leaping rabbit/hare motifs add real movement to the pattern and looks especially good on the mug below. Pikku Huhuli is available as fabric by the metre, bedlinen, kitchen accessories and tableware.