23 September 2016

MAISONS DU MONDE - vintage corner

I am still featuring Maisons du Monde, the shop I fell in love with whilst in Bologna at the beginning of this month. Here is why I liked them so much - the ranges at Maisons du Monde are a lesson in how to make patterns work on a wide range of products and add value and style to a business. It is the prints that add the appeal to these goods and make them stand out from other retailers. Plus they follow particular trends which will doubtless need changing and refreshing after a while - creating repeat business as customers ring the changes. Today's featured collection is called 'Vintage Corner' and is built around a collection of graphic flowers with a hint of retro and a splash of nordic.

22 September 2016

MAISONS DU MONDE - seventies

I am continuing to post about a beautiful store I found in Bologna, Italy at the beginning of September called Maisons du Monde. This French company have a wonderful range of prints and patterns within their product ranges - and at a very affordable price. There were so many nice designs on every shelf I didn't know what to snap first when I visited . Today's collection is their retro themed 'Seventies' range - full of swirling prints and right orange which you can see by scrolling down and also view online here.