31 May 2007

DESIGNER - sanna annukka

there have been lots of new additions up on sanna annuka's website - including a new pattern section to her portfolio. there's also a new "germany only" keane single out, and a series of illustrations for wallpaper magazine.


Anonymous said...

Do you know where I can buy the magazine(s) containing Sanna Annukka's work? I would look for them myself but I'm quite confused as to how to find them!

Anonymous said...

I ordered the Dutch Discover calendar from http://www.holland.com/uk/framelocation.html?page=http://www.holland.com/uk/cities2/maastricht/main.html
FYI They can only ship to the UK and Ireland.

Anonymous said...

Fab thank you so much for that. I will put in an order promptly. And I'm from the UK, so there's no problem there.
And the blog is fantastic, I read it every day. Love it.