22 March 2017

MOTHER'S DAY 2017 - john lewis

Our Mother's Day reporting starts today with John Lewis. They have this super cute elephant design from Caroline Gardner as well as painterly florals from Hammond Gower. Other publishers include The Art File and Cardmix. As seen online here.

MOTHER'S DAY 2017 - belly button designs

These elegant designs are by UK publisher Belly Button Designs who retail in card boutiques and John Lewis. Shown here are designs from their Paloma collection which brings 'delicacy and sophistication' with pastel pinks, lilacs and metallic touches, and Platinum with its soft pink blush and embossed foil.

MOTHER'S DAY - sainsbury's

And we will finish up with UK supermarket Sainsbury's who have reused this lovely typography from last year and added a new design in sunny yellow.

21 March 2017

MOTHER'S DAY 2017 - clinton

I am looking at Mother's Day designs this week and today we start with Clinton cards who have some nice designs in their stores and online. Look out for their more trend driven ranges such as a la mode and a lovely selection for children. Clinton was of course purchased by US company who owns Papyrus but unable to use that name in the UK for trademark reasons look out for Papyrus cards on sale under the brand  'Jolie Papier'.