30 March 2006

japanese wrap

ive been out searching
for wrapping paper with
a japanese theme.
i need it for a 2007
moodboard im working
on called 'geisha'.
for 2006 the theme had
been called 'kimono'.
but with the film and
there seems to be no
end to peoples appetite
for japanese prints, even
though they've been
around for several
seasons now.

wrapping paper from peter jones, sloane square, london.



you got that right! I've just bought 3 packs of japanese washi papers this afternoon. I think they are mainly for making origami, but with those kind of patterns, I just can't let them out of my sight. fyi, I can't do origami... I'm just weird. :)

cruststation said...

Love the wrapping paper, they are gorgeous...I'll probably put them in a frame!