29 March 2006

mug watch

i purchased these three mugs recently - not to use ! but just as pattern inspiration.
fashion mugs like these are generally cheap and are usually good barometers of the latest print trends . always check out mugs when you are out looking for inspiration.
the first two were from woolworths - and the floral one is from sainsbury's.


Maeghan said...

Hey there... been randomly browsing blogs when I happen upon yours.

The mugs are delightful! I happen to be a mug collector. "Happen to be" because not too long ago, I realised I just have too many mugs for an ordinary person.

And you have magazine-cover home! Beautiful...


bowie style said...

hi maeghan - you are my first ever comment so im so pleased to hear from you.
i hope to make mug watch a regular feature. im always buying mugs myself so i can sympathise with the "too many" thing.
thanks for reading :)

Maeghan said...

You are welcome :)
I am new at blogging myself - do drop by.
Looking forward to viewing your many mugs. I am in my office right now with 6 of them on the mantel, one I somehow or rather ended up with - a mug full of bikinis patterns! See if I can email a pix for you! LOL



Aha! I've just bought one tall mug recently, just because I like its pattern, and I don't intend to use it either. Too precious!