29 March 2006

vintage bag ?

as a pattern designer i feel i should practice what i preach - so i always have a patterned bag. this one may look vintage or designer but in fact was purchased on a market stall. for just £5.00 ! ( the labels says www.bagzone.com ). i fell for the colours especially, as well as the retro vibe.



totally agree with you, it does look like a designer's bag, and for 5 GBP?? you are so lucky!

downstairs Designs said...

I know you may never see this as I was browsing really old posts, but I happen to own this bag as well. It actually is an Old Navy bag sold in the states last summer. I bought mine when it was first released at $16. Youstill got a great deal, but thought you might want to know where it comes from. They usually have pretty cool patterned totes, inexpensive too.