27 May 2006

saturday = shopping

as usual ive been checking out the shops today and here are a few of the patterns seen : first up two fashion prints from white stuff.and below a cute floral print on a wash bag in debenhams
a pink beach bag print from new look
and flowers in the window of marks & spencer


Sara said...

I'm always amazed by the posts on your site!

lovemilla said...

hi Bowie style , just have a question about pulse,
I know the stand size is relevent to the compnay and the product they are showcaseing, but could you give me an idea of what you felt the average size stand was?
Do people tend to get a small space and cram it with a much product as poss, or are people more selective in what they display-giving colour/print alternitives in diffrent formats ie photos/ catlouges? Just asking as i sure you know they charge for space by the sq metre and it pricey, so trying to work out the most efficant way to do it.
Any help /advice you have on this would be so apreciated!

bowie style said...

hi lovemilla, lots of the individual or new designers stands were quite small, although i dont know the exact size. there seemed to be a trend towards not cramming the displays with lots of things but being a bit more minimalist. many had just a small space with a few products on the walls and floors or on display tables. then they often have a chair & little table at which to sit down with the buyer & do a deal. the walls of the stands are all white & nearly every stand had a large logo or graphic that they display. this is quite critical if you want passers by to remember your name as the pulse name plates above the stands are tiny. i would take more product than you need and try to store it if you find the stand looks overcrowded. if you email me your address to bowiestyle@hotmail.com i could try to send you a floorplan of pulse 06.