30 May 2006

sixties style

i bought a new book this weekend that has offered up lots of inspiration. sixties style by judith miller is packed with great photographs of home accessories, fashions, and collectables. theres very little text, just page after page of photographs (my kind of book). even if you are not a fan of this era there is still a lot you can draw from the motifs used and be inspired to use them in new ways, bringing them bang up to date. published by dorling kindersly ( a publisher renowned for quality) the book is on sale in the uk for just £7.99. ISBN 1-4053-0628-9.


Peter Rivendell said...

I want that coffee set!

Jon said...

love sixties EVERYTHING... great find!!

Andrea said...


A great big THANK YOU! Your blog has helped me and my colleagues so much in the inspiring process... a hug for you from Chile.


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I work in the table and kitchen department with 5 other very creative people.

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paper_bird said...

thankyou so much for posting about this book...

its exactly what I've been looking for and I've just ordered myself a copy!!

wow, can't wait, what a perfect little book :)

Laura :)

cruststation said...

Love the bold colours and patterns of the 60s. I wonder how we became so conservative?


ah my kind of book, too.... ;-) I'm jotting down every book you have, bowie. they all look too pretty to be missed! but sadly, not all of them available here. Thanks again for sharing!

style court said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I can't wait to check out this book. Also, I'm looking forward to Lulu de Kwiatkowski's new book, which is supposed to be released June 1 in the US.

Love your site!
style court

sharon said...

peter i want that coffee set too!! it would be perfect in my collection (currently stalled at 10 sets since i started running out of room for them).

i love all this stuff - so bright and joyful.

bowie style said...

its really good to see that this style is so popular - ive never had so many comments to one post.
thanks everyone.

hi andrea, thanks for your comments, its good to know people feel inspired when they look at my blog. ive checked your website & its great - well done, i'd like to do a post showing the great designs ! watch this space.

Andrea said...

Dear Bowie Style:

Thanks for writing back!
I am glad you liked the designs... the design dept. is made up of aprox. 45 people.

Of course I'll keep watching your blog! Thank you.

Miss Dot said...

oh the 60's really provided some great motifs and the 70's. I was in primary school in the 70's and the nuns use to give us these wild "god is love" cards with really bright colours and patterns, must have been something to do with the drugs.. the card designers, not the nuns, though you never know! love the blog!

keith stephenson said...

Great to see Cherry Tree featured - we collect it and use it for our dinner's - sometimes we contrast it with Green Portmeirion totem.