30 June 2006

cotton prints

if france is the land of the wall decal, the america is the home of the quilt. im sure thats why there are so many great fabric designers in the U.S , because of the popularity of sewing.
hence american readers will be familiar with amy butler's designs, but those in the UK may not,(over here we dont really have quilt shops, etc). take a look at the beautiful designs on display here, i love the way amy uses colour, she has come up with some really original colour combinations. check the website here for great designs, sewing projects, and cool photographs taken by amy's husband.


Nina said...

Wow, i live in the states, but i have never heard of amy butler...I guess we learn something new everyday! And please, I would love to get onto your blog. Check out my pillows at www.ninaspillowdesigns.com I would really think you will like them.

caroline said...

I live in th UK and have heard of Amy Butler but weep that the fabric isn't easily available here. I would love to make a swishy skirt from some of her fabric.

mo said...

I agree that Amy Butler does a fantastic job with color. I love her prints and I love that she has nice big print collections so there is always more than a few that I love. Nice blog!