30 June 2006


textile designs from michael miller fabrics. above - sophisticated black & white, and below - bold florals. browse the collections for more prints.


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry - those poppies just look like a cheap Marimekko copy.

bowie style said...

i think thats why i liked it - because it looked scandinavian. if i had a pound for every client that has asked me to "do a marimekko style floral" then i'd be pretty rich.

Mevrouw Walvis said...

Yep, Marimekko copies are everywhere! Here in Finland you don't see them as much, because it's just too obvious (almost everybody has the real thing in one form or another). You might like the prints of another Finnish textile company, Finlayson. They also have English pages: www.finlayson.fi/ - I like their bed linens, and the print "Ajatus" ("a thought" in Finnish) with panda bears is particularly cute. Enjoy!