28 June 2006

french wall decals

another fine example of french wall stickers - can there be any other country in the world where decals are so popular ?. these are taken from the catalogue of les louisettes where they've come up with some really interesting motifs.


Anonymous said...

Hi,i'm a student of graphic design from Brasil and I love patternssssss , print and pattern had been a great inspiration for my work....so i was wondering of what kind of material this wall stickers are made of?? sorry for my bad english =)
Virgínia - virginiams@gmail.com

bowie style said...

hi virginia - your english is great, but im not sure what the decals are made of.

all i know is they are usually washable,slightly shiny, and repositionable.

im thinking some sort of adhesive vinyl, but if anyone knows could they help virginia out ?

p.s im glad you are finding inspiration on P+P.

Anonymous said...

I find some of these interesting, especially the one that looks like intertwined vines or flowers, are these able to be purchased online? If so what is the website?

Sandra said...

You can also find sublim French Wall Decals here: French Wall decals...


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