26 July 2006

graphic design

the new next directory has arrived, remember the cool floral design of the spring/summer book here ?well the autumn/winter cover has gone for leaves (above).
its quite a dark design using a gradient effect.the cover of this catalogue is a good barometer of graphic design trends.
(pictured right is the co-ordinating box they send it out in.)


jen said...

beautiful pattern - how i miss that book! one of those little things that i really miss about living in england... {sigh}

Liz said...

Firstly, LOVe your site, I never fail to look at before I start my morning designing. I am wondering if you know, is there any chance of purchasing a Next Directory if one is not in the UK? I sued to see it when I lived in Scotland, and had forgotten about it until I saw your posting. I am in california now, and working as a designer, and would love to see a copy of it.


bowie style said...

as far as i know you must set up an account to recieve a book, but they may have an overseas service.
i'd drop them an email to see.
all the products are online, but obviously not in the glossy detail you get with the book.