31 August 2006

cool fabrics / illustration

one of the first things i posted here on P+P was the wonderful fabric of st.judes, i loved the simplicity of the prints and the fantastic illustrations of their designer of angela lewin. well now they're back with a new design and a nomination in the elle deco awards for best fabric. seedheads is the third pattern to be added to their excellent collection. click here for st.judes website and here for the work of angela lewin.


Unknown said...

these are really lovely and well chosen bowie - I really like the first 3 patterns in this set the best. I'd love the first image as a looped rug - how pretty that would be in a contemporary space.


Heather Moore said...

I love Angie's work so, so much. I bought one of her woodcuts from a travelling show of prints in Cape Town a few years ago and am endlessly delighted with it. I've just posted my work on wood for our Drawing Room 3 show on my skinnylaminx blog, as well as at http//drawingroom3.blogspot.com.
Take a look and you'll see how she's been an inspiration!

Unknown said...

I am a dandilion lover and all these (or most of these) patterns have dandilions! Love them... thanks, manela

Jesse said...

I love the strength of these - 'florals' that aren't just pretty. They highlight the random wierdness of organic shapes so well.

Anonymous said...

It's so funny--I have one of her cards up in my cubicle. I found it in Stockholm in June and bought several cards to display as art since they're just lovely!