30 August 2006

john derian

decoupage plates featuring beautiful birds and flowers by new york artist john derian. john also produces the most amazing seaweed images on trays.


Unknown said...

Isn't John amazing? Do you ever visit the states? Next time you are in NYC, his shop is a must visit, it's like stepping back in time -- although I imagine you visit so many charming stores in paris and london that ring of times past that you may not be as impressed as I am. :) his eye for taking what is old and transforming it into an object for the modern home is very appealing to me.

In many ways though, I guess most design is never really new though, objects always seem to echo a voice from the past, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's wonderful how he appropriates the work of long dead unacknowledged artist and turns a profit to boot! That much is amazing!

Pretension giftware for the socially insecure.

Anne Bass