25 August 2006

marimekko mice

you've seen the fabrics, the tableware, bedlinen, etc but have you seen the marimekko computer accessories ?. their trademark prints are now available as these cool mice, that you can even set down on a marimekko mousemat. as seen at kokoyo . hopefully these will be available worldwide.
not from marimekko, but still very cool is this stem print mousemat, also from kokoyo.


Tanya said...

So much wonderful stuff Bowie, I love the mousemar and Clares new cushion prints.

Verito said...

wow!!! i love it!!!!

B. said...

Just found your blog, thanks to Kristin Nicholas, and I love what you are doing. I'll be back often.

suzy said...

I love the mice too, but it is kind of annoying that the marimekko info doesn't peel off! The leaf mousemat is gorgeous, very orla kiely-esque.

nostaljik said...

Wow... groovy mices they are!
have you seen laptop covers at: http://www.skynmobile.com/ ?
they're pretty cool too :)