29 September 2006

TRICIA GUILD - new book

tricia guild, founder of designers guild, has to be britain's best designer. she has been a hero of mine since 1992 when i first discovered designers guild as an art student. so you can imagine the excitement of getting this new book, and its about my favourite subject 'pattern'. this wonderful book is officially released on october 20th in the UK, but its available now in the designers guild shop. regular fans will know that if you buy her books from the store they are usually signed. when i was in on tuesday there were two signed copies left (plus plenty of unsigned copies). however the girls informed me tricia would be signing more next time she comes in. so if you are a fan and you're in the area - pop in a take a look. in the meantime here are some shots of the book, trust me its great, there are plenty of gorgeous dg fabrics with sumptious photography by long time tricia guild collaborator james merrell. click here to pre-order from amazon uk or us.

pattern - by tricia guild. published by quadrille. (special photography - james merrell).

ISBN 1-84400-326-4


ms. spinach said...

every time you post a new book i feel compelled to order it immediately! bur really, thanks for the recommendation; it looks fantastic.

Gina said...

Looks like a great book! I'll have to check that one out.


I pre-ordered it sometime ago. I just knew it's gonna be amazing. Thanks for sharing some shots of the book, I can't wait to get my copy!!

Char said...

i want this book... i saw it in the moma store in soho NYC. it is on my most wanted list... it will help me decor my apt. i LOVE patterns and color

Anonymous said...



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