13 October 2006

vintage pyrex

my final post of this week looks at inspirational patterns and motifs that can be found on vintage pyrex pieces. most of these lovely photos were taken by halloweve1977 (and very nicely styled too i must say - they have a great eye) all from the pyrex love photo pool on flikr.


Sarebear said...

You know how many Chinese Casseroles I've eaten out of that large dark green bowl?

Somehow familiarity makes it seem less cool looking, but maybe that's cause I didn't like the peas in that casserole! My mom still has this, too, and a cool pink oval casserole pyrex dish, like the ones you show except w/an unshown pattern.

I've become a pattern geek! Eek! Lol.

bowie style said...

you're right in a way - pyrex in itself is not all that cool, what im hoping is people would draw from it some inspiration and create new designs on stuff that is cool. it could inspire greeting cards, fabric, or new tableware ideas.

Elly said...

lovely cookware!,love the colours!,these are becoming very collectable now!

mk said...

I love your blog!, I just stumbled in here, and it is so wonderful! Well done!

linda said...

Thank you very much for the mention - glad you enjoyed the flickr pool as well as the site!

lorenzstudio said...

These photos are gorgeous!
The turquoise pieces are some of my favorites because my grandmother had them. Every time I use one of my turquoise pieces it brings back such good memories of summers at grandma's!

Rachel said...

I love the sunflower pattern! I have never seen that one before.

linda t said...

Oh my gosh!! I am in PYREX heaven! WOW!
I am PYREX crazy and have collected for years!
I just posted my PYREX cookware collection today!
Check out my Pyrex perculator that I LOVE to use!
I also posted my Pyrex dishes in a past post.
Thanks 'lorenzstudio' for telling me about this site!

halloweve1977 said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed my pictures!

Sarebear said...

Oh, I think many of these are plenty cool! I just thought it funny that, as I tried to look at the pattern on that particular bowl objectively, that without my memories of that yucky casserole, I'd think that pattern was cool too.

I am loving all this stuff, and, in fact, want to find a few nice fire king mugs, because you've made me fall in love with a couple patterns! Too bad many sites are japanese for that.

nina seven said...

Love all the pyrex patterns. It reminds me of my Mom's set and macaroni and cheese casseroles! I love your blog and check in with you every other day or so. I am a pattern junkie, too. If you have time, check out my bird and nature art on my blog. Nina

Anonymous said...

Wow! I no longer have the bowls but own the sunflower casserole set.

Love your blog! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I just started collecting, found the yellow and black flower oval casserol with it's lid in your pictures can any one tell me the pattern name thanks

Anonymous said...

Like your collection. Pink Pyrex is my fav!

Just found another interesting site with Pyrex photos: vintagepyrex.blogspot.com.

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