14 February 2007

BOOK - the cutting edge of wallpaper

the second of our two wallpaper books is 'the cutting edge of wallpaper' edited by cigalle hanor. another fantastic book (shame about the cover though) it features the work of print & pattern favourites such as orla kiely, louise body, absolute zero, and rachel kelly. reading the contents is like a whos who of print designers. an absolutely brilliant book. details at amazon uk or usa.


Anonymous said...

We are featured in both books and they are really worth getting, they are jam packed with interviews and features about the designers with lots of illustrations.
However I am called Kenneth in the Cutting Edge book:(


bowie style said...

hi keith, i noticed that straight away that they'd got your name wrong. maybe they can fix it for the second edition :), still at least your designs look wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Well thank you - I'm am working to be reinstated as a Keith not a Kenneth. :)