22 December 2006

PATTERN BOOK - flowers

more thanks today go to the japanese bookstore in america 'kinokuniya', it was during my visit to the san francisco branch that i bought some really good pattern books. the first is the petit pattern book 'flowers & leaves'. this small but beautiful book featuring 180 designs also comes with a CD of all the patterns suitable for use with photoshop & illustrator. priced at $39.20 (approx £20) the book is published by bnn.

all pages from : petit pattern book - leaves and flowers ISBN-86100-385-7. published by bnn, available from kinokuniya bookstores.


Anonymous said...

You have so many amazing patterns on your blog I flip right through them and never comment. I just wanted to say thank you for blogging on all of this. I always leave with a smile and feel so happy!

modmom said...

thanks for the tip!
i want one too :)

ditto on pinkmohair (but i do comment some times). browsing through your site complements my hobby of scanning through fabric + stationery stores + clothing racks.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, the ISBN should have a 4 in front of it: 4-86100-385-7 :)