16 February 2007

BOOKS - japanese

regular readers may recall i bought these petit pattern books in november whilst on holiday in the USA. i bought them at kinokuniya in san francisco (theres another branch in new york for east coasters) and lots of people emailed asking if they knew where they could get hold them. unfortunately i didnt know of anywhere else, but all i can suggest is that you take the ISBN number to your favourite book store and see if it can be ordered. or if you are outside the UK then maybe you can email kinokuniya books. i know its annoying to see books you cant easily get hold of but i just wanted to share one more with you, another of my japantown purchases at kinokuniya. i thought it woud be nice to see the patterns anyway.
this book is a 'garaga pattern card' and features a series of card pages which the publisher suggests can be turned into cards or framed as prints. garaga seem to be bag designers. have a click around their website to see more patterns. kinokuniya in san fran only had one book, but there are others here if only we could get hold of them.
the backs of the pages have the exact same design on as the front but in outline only.
if you want to attempt to track down these books here are the details :
dots & stripes, ISBN-86100-384-9
leaves and flowers ISBN-86100-385-7
garaga pattern card ISBN 4-86152-053-3


marceline said...

There are similar (or possibly the same) books published by PIE books (www.piebooks.com), some of which you can also find on Amazon. I have the Chiyogami book and the book of 1920s-40s matchbox designs and they are amazing.

Thanks for all the book suggestions this week. My Amazon wishlist is expanding by the day...

bowie style said...

hi marceline, thanks so much for the tip off, ive just ordered a few pie books and they look really interesting. if they are worthy then of course all details will be posted up on print & pattern.

Another Shade of Grey said...

These are awesome. Thanks for sharing.


I better check with kinokuniya here, those garaga pattern cards are just so irresistable! Thanks for the tip, bowie.

Valerie said...

For what it's worth, there's a 4 missing from the front of those first two ISBN's. They should be:

ISBN 4-86100-384-9
ISBN 4-86100-385-7

Also, the same company has a few other books of patterns that you might like, including themes such as Japanese, Scandinavian, and kids patterns:


They can all be purchased from YesAsia.com or from Amazon Japan (for a bit more on shipping).

paramaiba said...

Hi! I love your blog—it's always a great source of inspiration to me.
I was wondering...are the patterns in these "garaga" books copyright-free, then? :) Are they limited to use for just personal projects? I realize that's a dumb question, I just wanted to make sure before investing in purchasing these books in future. I know I'd rather design my own, but I don't know how to do it properly. Speaking of which, is there's an actual course on how to illustrate/create patterns? Or books on the subject?
Thanks for your time.

bowie style said...

hi paramaiba,
no unfortunately the garaga patterns are not copyright free. these cards can only be used for personal craft projects.
garaga are bag designers...if you check their website (linked in this post) you'll understand more about their work.

the only place where you can guarantee copyright free designs is dover publications. see the post from bookweek below or search for dover books on amazon.

Anonymous said...

I tried to look these up on Amazon and at Kinokuniya, but I couldn't find them because I was looking for the English name. However, you can look them up under the Japanese names and find them. Also, Kinokuniya can search for them if you give them the Japanese phonetic pronunciation:
Dots & Stripes: Osharenapata-nSozaishuu:Mizudama Storaipu
Flowers and Leaves:
Osharenapata-nSozaishuu:Hanagara Ri-fu
Also there are two more in the series of "Osharenapata-nSozaishuu"

f. said...

it is a great book! my mother brought that back from japan and it's very inspiring. i am going to japan next month and if i see any interesting pattern books out there, i will let you know. i enjoy your posts a lot! thank you!

Rene said...

Wow! Today's my Lucky Day! Thanks to all the invaluable information you guys have posted here!

Bowie, you have a very good eye, not to mention taste, for aesthetics. Thank you very much for sharing! :)

dd said...

hello! for UK people today i discovered the Petit Pattern books at the Tate Modern bookstore. they are really lovely!