26 January 2007

SPRING 07 - cath kidston

there are some fabulous new prints from cath kidston being launched this week. new designs include bubble rose, rose maroc, and ric rac. there are these great new 'crush' mugs (below), and fantastic new 'buttercup' dinner set. lots to get excited about. view the website to see the wealth of products the new designs have been applied to.


Funky Finds said...

i wish these beautiful prints came in scrapbooking paper! :)

LisaJay said...

I wish they came in the USA! I love the crush mugs.


bowie style said...

cath kidston is available in the US
check the american website here :

abigail said...

I have been waiting for the US website to be up and running for over a year it's a dead loss. Anyone know how else to get hold of her stuff?