30 January 2007

SPRING 07 - paperchase

paperchase has a brand new spring range in which urges us to get 'INTO FLORAL'. this bright & cheery pattern can be found on files, folders, books, pens, and gift wraps.


modmom said...

love paperchase prints!
these are spring fever cheery!

Joulaye said...

Wonderful patterns !
Very fresh !
I love these mixes of flowers :--)

I whish I'll make these one ;-)

Jonelle said...

wow, these are gorgeous! they make me happy and now i want to have floral designs all over my walls :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - reminds me of designs created with a Spirograph when I was a kid.

Craft Princess said...

I love Paperchase! Love love love it! Oooo.. How I wish if someone would like to swap with me. I'm dying to get hold of these gorgeous floral prints!